Lacey Calvert is a Registered Yoga Teacher instructing yoga around the world. Residing in San Clemente, CA Lacey manages and teaches in multiple CorePower Yoga studios and travels with athletes, implementing yoga into their training routines. Lacey specializes in strength training yoga and yoga specific BootCamps. Additionally, she works with athletes in a variety of sports including: snowboarding, surfing, wake boarding, skateboarding, triathlons and marathons. As a brand ambassador for Oakley Women, ZICO coconut water and BOGA paddleboards she is continually spreading the word of health and wellness and helping people incorporate fitness into their lives. You can find Lacey in Oakley Women’s print and video advertisements, as well as two Advil commercials.
When she’s not doing yoga, Lacey enjoys traveling, surfing, paddleboarding, dancing, hiking, snowmobiling, reading, jump out of airplanes and walking her dog, Sammy Shorkie, on the California beaches. Namaste!
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